Why Sponsor?

" Repetition is the key - the more you do something the better you get!"

WHY SPONSOR? Because US college & university students represent $250 – $300 billion in annual buying power, 20% of which is estimated to be discretionary spending. It is estimated that figure quadruples when facility & campus employees are added to the equation plus this exposure gives you thousands of dollars in free word of mouth advertising. …

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” The Doctor says”

The Sales Doctor Says:

Persuasion How do you persuade someone to do something? Do you rely on your authority over them? Do you “sell, sell, sell,” with benefits statements and other Marketing 101 techniques? Do you cater to logic and set up rock solid arguments? Or do you show unwavering persistence in your position …

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Welcome Aboard


Welcome Aboard Drew, I’d like to personally welcome you to our production and web development team. It’s an exciting time for Campus Concepts,as we continue to grow worldwide and strive to remain as adaptable, motivated and responsive to our new team players as we are to our partners & customers. …

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Sales Doctor Says:

No she not sitting on me -  Zuma Beach ,Malibu

   Well you know the old saying “You can lead a horse to water- but you cannot make him drink”.  Einstein said  “I do not teach my students, I only give them the tools to learn”.    In this day and age of technology most of the blame of failure …

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